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bizCMDB is a repository tool for enterprise to view their business in a ITIL based CMDB fashion. The tool allows you to capture and map all your enterprise business objectives, processes, jobs and applications. It is available on-premises or as a SaaS offering. It helps you reduce your time to perform impact assessment and incident management by almost 80%.


Important Facts

  • Repository based
  • Mapping Objectives, Business Processes, Jobs and Applications
  • Cross-sectional queries
  • Visualize your systems in 4 dimensions
  • Impact analysis
  • Incident Management

Create a enterprise repository of your business objectives, processes supporting tose objectives, jobs that are run to fulfill those processes and applications used in those jobs. This will allow you perform a true Business Impact Analysis. This feature is lacking in most of the tools available in the industry today.

The tool also allows you to upload the job sources and steps to help technical audience with support fulfillment activities.

The tool has built-in search consoles to address Change Request impact Analysis and Assessment that can help you view and visualize the potential impacts of the change from both technical and business perspectives. So when you decide to make a change in a application or its environment get complete visibilty into what business processes and areas might be impacted. What more, you can quickly find out the responsible persons in those areas and communicate true impacts. Similarly, when a objective change results in a business process, quickly identify the underlying jobs and applications that might require your technical teams attention.

The Incident Management Console will allow you to lookup by incident entity and qiuckly find out all the areas impacted - both business and technical teams. This will allow you to quickly assemble incident resolution teams and identify stakeholders that have to be invovled to get the incident resolved. This can signifiantly reduce the the incident resolution times thereby increasing overall produtivity, since you are not deadlocked into finding who to relay the informaiton but on fixing th incident.

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