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floU for App Assessment

About this Product

floU allows you to quckly assess your applications. Derive basic system statistics, business rules, data elements, program details and diagrams with minimal effort.


Important Facts

  • Uses source code input
  • Program Inventory
  • Business logic and rules
  • Data dictionary / CRUD
  • Workflows (Processes)
  • Connectivity & flow diagrams
  • System object dependency
  • Reports in various formats
  • Supports major modern and legacy languages

Legacy system assessment is crucial task to identify the prorgams involved in an application. Due to unavailability of modern tools to quickly assess the older system it is important to have a clear understanding and statistics of the code before performing any operations. As a project team - both in-house and vendor - to perform any form of estimations, do a knowledge transfer, understand business logic / rules or simply understand the system scope, it is crucial to assess it.

floU delivers all the required elements for quick code assessment in form of a simple to use tool.

Not only the output provide details, listed below, but also provide it in usable HTML format. Use it to find the program details like lines of code (LoC), complexity, connectiivty, business rules, annotations and tags, data elements / files used and diagram of overall system.

Use the information to provide automation to understand existing application and forward engineer it to newer modern platforms.

The tool provides a various artifacts which include:

  • Quick glance dasboard
  • Program statistics - LoC and Complexity
  • Screen details - number of screen elements
  • Job details - its composition
  • Who uses what? Programs, Screens, Jobs and Data
  • Data Dictionary w/CRUD and where it is used
  • Overall system connectivity diagram with all the elements
  • Identify business logic and annotate business rules

Application Areas

Process Analysis