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Salus-U uses novel disruptive technologies & products w/consultancy approaches to solve organization's IT problems.

Wide range of offerings

We offer IP, Product, Automation, Technology, Team Building Solutions

We combine our offerings with niche technology products and onsite consultancy

Product Development

Partnering with industry IT Service Providers to create targeted products for system analysis, understanding and code management; and financial mortagage & loan industries

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App workflow based Analysis

Is there lack of knowledge about existing modern system in your organization? Is a critical system unknown to you in terms of maintaining it? Is the change and support requirement of this modern system keeing you awake at nights? Understand your business processes using our proven onsite consultancy. Help your team to leave fear and bring your support inhouse to reduce cost.

Manage Change thru ANALYTICS

How effectively you know about code changes made in your organization? Do you know the business and technical reasons for change? How is it trending? How can you utilize past historic changes to help you in future support effort? Manage and utilize change to better your maintenance and support effort. Use powerful technology to reduce support cost and draw insights from historic data.

Partner Driven Solutions

Our solutions offering emcompass several advanced products that are developed to solve REAL WORLD problems.


Learn more from your code and associated documentation. SoSource© provides a unique SMARTSearch based technology platform to quickly analye your system documentation and code all using day-2-day inquiry searches. See the power to SMART search analysis on your code today.