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About this Product

RenoVare is a simple to use product that allows users to do system assessment and business rules extraction. It requires minimal intervention to perform the extraction. Currently the product supports all major flavors of COBOL.


Important Facts

  • Light-weight install
  • Completely automated
  • Assess systems in detail
  • Obtain core business rules in Excel/JSON formats
  • Visualize using diagrams
  • Low cost licensing

RenoVare provides support for two application domains:

  • Application development, maintenance and support (DevOps)
  • Application modernization

RenoVare provides easy to use visualizations to quickly review application business logic, data elements and data access points. It provides options to perform impact analysis for application change reqeusts and assessments and also incident management. It also provides a ready to use test case templates t help the team derive most concise test cases.

As part of standard application modernization process, requirements extraction is crticial. Unfortunately most of the old legacy systems have little to no documentation making it difficult to extract any useful information.

RenoVare fills this gap by providing completey simple-to-use product that performs extraction of all the meta-data from input source system. It not only extracts useful assessment information, like inventory, data elements used and conenctivity, but also extracts business rules. These rules are provided in easy to use Excel format which can be readily imported into your requirements traceability tool for further processing.

There are several competitor products available in this space, but all of them are not completely automated and require your team to provide and define the required outputs. With RenoVare no user input is required and the outputs are readily useable without any updates giving a substantially high ROI and lower cost overall.

Application Areas

Development & Support
App Modernization
Business Rules Extraction