Our Solutions

We offer various solutions in core IT and Financial sectors. Our solutions come in form of pure consultancy oriented onsite services for system architecture and analysis, or they come as turnkey solutions for application disection, understanding, deriving business rules and processes for better knowledge transfer and support.

With proven industry track record we can help you understand your systems, and work with you to define a cautious modernization path or replacement path. With our tool based solutions, you can be one step ahead of your delivering partner, vendor or staff members. Get your ROI higher and quicker.

We can also help with our turnkey change management and anaytics offering which allows large and small IT shops to visualize and quantify code changes to see trending and draw useful analytics to help save on suport and better change estimation. Let us show you how you can leverage your changes to help yourself and do most of the estimations and even maintenances changes in-house to save huge amounts.

  • Tool Development

    Ask our experts for tool design and development. We specialize in helping any tool needs using advance SaaS/REST services.

  • Onsite Consultancy

    We provide skilled resources for helpig you with your projects on-site. Our team has expertise in large scale multi-million dollar projects.

  • App Understanding

    We use novel products to help you understand your app and export core rules & processes. We can help manage change and draw analytics.


  • Use your day-2-day search expertise to derive intriguing results from your system source documents
  • SMARTSearch your code and associated documents to perform analysis and impact assessments
  • Perform TRUE holistic analysis of your system to learn about business it supports
  • Use powerful pattern based searches to derive system information and visualize them
  • Use this on ANY code / language and extend it by your own
  • Extremely competitive offering for both legacy and distributed codes
We can help you achieve that goal by using our unique SoSource approach. Using novel tools we help a novoice methdology to build and analyze your processes just like we understand it in day to day life. No more complex learning to understand existing systems and code written in mulitple languages, just build them from micro and macro levels as you are using it today to conduct your business.

Code Change Analytics

  • How effectively you know about code changes made in your organization?
  • Do you know the business and technical reasons for change? How is it trending?
  • How can you utilize past historic changes to help you in future support effort?
We help you manage and utilize change to better your maintenance and support effort. Use powerful technology to reduce support cost and draw analytics, insights from historic data. Use your historic spending to minimize risk and reduce cost for upcoming or ongoing projects.


aTopTo is a Cloud-baed SaaS solution for all agencies providing Adoption Related Services. It is a CASE Management tool in the cloud and hence can be used to manage any Cases, specifically adoption services, but not limited to the same. It is stunning modern user interface and works on all devices.

  • Complete Case Management in Cloud
  • Manage clients and client archives for past case files
  • Role based user logins for back office and field reps
  • Integrated task manager and calendar
  • Extensive search capabilities
  • Supports custom service types and invoicing
  • Manage your checklists for each case with payment information
  • Broadcast messages at a click of a button
  • Graphical dashboards to provide most relevant information
  • Use it on your PC, Smartphones or Tablet - it supports all of them!
Conviniently priced on subscription basis. Annual and pay-as-you-go models available.

Complete Consultancy

  • Are you confused about your systems roadmap?
  • How to move it to the next level using quickest path?
  • Are the current systems suort and maintenance putting a dent in your budget?
We have a perfect consultancy package for you which combines products, solutions, onsite and offsite approaches to achieve revolutionary success.